Templates are predefined queries, each has a simple form and a description. Click on a template to run it, you can search for templates by keyword and filter them by category.
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GO term identifier --> GO term name.

Give the GO term name for a particular GO term identifier. (Data Source: GO)

GO term name --> GO term identifier.

Find the GO identifier for a specific term.

GO term name/id --> Genes in one specific organism.

Search for genes in a specified organism that is associated with a particular GO annotation.

Gene + GO term name --> Gene with the GO term name.

Show if the following gene has the following GO term.

Gene --> All identifiers.

Show all identifiers for a gene, given an identifier.

Gene --> GO terms and parents of those terms.

Given a gene show the associated GO terms, and the all parents to the top of the directed graph.

Gene --> GO terms.

Search for GO annotations for a particular gene.

Gene --> Proteins.

Show the proteins for a particular gene.

Organism + GO term [with particular evidence code] --> Genes + 'with' annotation.

Show genes from a particular organism annotated with a particular GO term and GO evidence code which also have a 'with' annotation (The 'with' field holds an additional identifier for annotations using certain evidence codes)

Organism + GO term [with particular evidence code] --> Genes.

Show genes from a particular organism annotated with a particular GO term with a particular evidence code.

PFAM domain --> Genes

This can be used to retrieve lists of TFs with a specific DBD, e.g., the Homeodomain, zf-C2H2, zf-C4, HLH, bZIP. Can be wildcarded, "Homeo*".

Protein --> GO terms from a specific GO ontology.

Show the GO annotations for a protein or proteins from a specifc GO ontology (cellular_component, molecular_function, biological_process).

Protein --> GO terms.

Show all GO terms that have been associated with the gene that codes for the following protein.

Quotes from the literature

For a FlyTF-curated gene, retrieve the "convincing" quote from the literature.


If you have any questions about using this database or the data provided, or wish to contribute to the annotation of a gene (novel TF, novel evidence, etc), please get in touch.