The categories below provide views of the different types of data. Each category includes details of the data available, template queries which include these data and starting points for building your own query using these data. NOTE: All external links open in a new window.

Data Category Organism Data Source PubMed Note


Drosophila Genome annotation for D. melanogaster (R5.11). Orthologous Drosophilid genes also annotated. Flybase - Version FB2009_07 Crosby et al - PubMed: 17099233  


D. melanogaster Protein annotation

UniProt - Release 15.1

UniProt Consortium - PubMed: 17142230


Protein Structure

D. melanogaster Structural annotations and predictions from PFAM and InterPro

PFam - 23.0

InterPro - 22.0

DBD: Transcription factor prediction database - 2.0

PFam - PubMed:18039703


Gene Ontology

D. melanogaster GO annotations Gene Ontology Site - 1st May 2009 Gene Ontology Consortium - PubMed:10802651  

Transcription Factor Annotation

D. melanogaster Curation of computationally predicted and/or experimentally verified site-specific transcription factors. - v. 2 Adryan & Teichmann - PubMed: 16613907  

If you have any questions about using this database or the data provided, or wish to contribute to the annotation of a gene (novel TF, novel evidence, etc), please get in touch.